It seems obvious – the main motive behind building a website is for people to see it. The more people who visit your site, the more exposure your brand, ideas, products and your business will have. Visitor count is the key motivation behind every business website owner.

In most cases, websites are just fine. They are designed properly, to professional standards, with a full portfolio. However, taking a website from just a few hundred clicks to a few hundred thousand is very difficult. Remember that you, as the designer, need to keep the attention of the visitor. This is the soul of a successful website.

Run an engaging blog

Digital MarketingBlogs come in various levels of ingenuity, creativity, and attractiveness. Your blog has to stand out. It cannot be a simple click on your website which will lead to scores of boring content. You need constant refreshing of your blog with new and interesting ideas. You need information to attract people, so keep it valuable, useful, and entertaining. And the keyword is: consistency.  Be concise, efficient and focused to deliver on time, every time.

Give away some of your efforts

We are not suggesting you should run a pro bono website without any commercial interest. Of course not. Information is not free, and it should not be. Your work comes as a result of your efforts, knowledge, and talent, and that did not come without time and resources invested.

However, when you are just starting to develop your business, and your website is not yet developed, it’s helpful to offer an incentive to engage. You can take advantage of the internet’s information spreading ability and give away something you created, something valuable which people will gladly share. It, in turn, will result in an excellent exposure.

Expand into other people’s audiences

This is not wrong at all. In fact, the “owner” of the audience you are “borrowing” will love you for it. You do not have to spend months to create your followers; you can simply borrow from someone who has done the job earlier. Get yourself out there by writing quality posts on popular blogs as a guest writer. As “payment,” you can set up a link to your website. With that, hundreds of readers will instantly be directed to your website, thanks to a little bit of exposure at the right time and the right place. Just make sure you do your best work and results will come.